SOCIAL MINDS Tunisians and social media

Social Minds” is a quantitative barometer whose first edition was produced in March 2012, sponsored by Madwatch, conceptualized, and realized in collaboration with ELKA consulting.

This survey aims to monitor the social media penetration and understand its use by Tunisian users. Beyond that, this barometer aims to explore the status of brands in social media, as well as the perception and expectations of Tunisians from the presence of brands in social media.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1101 individuals in Grand Tunis (Tunis, Manouba, Ben Arous, and Ariana).

The survey questionnaires were administered in a face-to-face method from March, 18th to 24th 2012 respecting the quotas set by the INS in terms of age and sex of the population.


  • Penetration of the main social media in Tunisia
  • Time consumed and activities on social media
  • Influence of Social Media
  • Social media and brands