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Is known by a large possibility to represent the population of study. The face to face is the most common way in the quantitative studies.

It allows to :

  • Use the « sampling method» which allows to select randomly the respondents to minimize the risk of error
  • Have a direct contact with the person interviewed
  • Select rare Target

ELKA Consulting count more than 100 active interviewers divided all over the Tunisian territory. Thanks to a continuous education, our team is capable of managing many interviews methods: face-to-face, street, at home, professional, out of market place…

A control unit is made to ensure the quality of the information collection by a strict and demanding procedure applied to each step of the process to guarantee the reliability of the study.[/av_tab_item][av_tab_item title=”TELEPHONE INTERVIEWING”]

The telephone interviewing method is characterized by a time-saving benefit and facility of use.

It’s frequently used to measure customer’s satisfaction.

A CATI platform and a professional team of phone interviewers are at ELKA’s disposal.[/av_tab_item][av_tab_item title=”HALL-TESTS”]

ELKA Consulting has realized many studies using this method. Participants are recruited by a specific method and then they are invited to a room where the test is conducted (product test, taste test, behavior test, concept test…).[/av_tab_item][/av_tabs]