Uses, Habits, Attitudes, Motivations, Expectations

Those studies aim to understand and evaluate aspects of consumers’ behaviors. They allow:

  • Purchaseand consumption habits ….
  • Consumer expectations
  • The most important criteria set by the clients in the purchasing experience
  • Restraints and motivations for the : use, purchase or products’ consumption
  • ….

Division of consumers in groups according to a set of different criteria is possible through these studies. Those studies aim to follow the evolution of consumer behavior and anticipate the changes, in order to adapt the offer (product, mix, communication plan…) to the target and make them reliable.


This study aims to know about clients’ behaviors and uses in the market place at a certain time.

It allows to :

  • Identify the profile of clients
  • Understand the reasons of visit and purchase, their ways, and interest zones
  • Determine Clients’ purchasing behaviors inthe market place, universe and rows
  • Identify choices’ criteria, which have relations with different variables in the market place.